1-Hour Laser Coaching $249

During our laser coaching session, you and I will focus intensively on a specific bite-sized issue pertaining to your business or professional goals and create a practical plan of action.

Additional sessions on different topics can always be added without ongoing commitment.

Laser Coaching might be a good fit for you if:

  • You are having difficulty discovering your passion

  • You have a narrowly defined and clear focus/goal for the call

  • You know what the obstacle is but are unsure how to tackle it

  • You have an idea of the direction you want to take in the call and you know your desired outcome

  • You are feeling stuck professionally

  • You are operating a blog that hasn’t yielded much success or are thinking of starting a blog


Feeling stuck? I’ve been there and have gotten unstuck quite a few times throughout this journey.  This option is best for current and aspiring entrepreneurs or people just trying to figure a few things out.

During these calls, we can discuss anything you are currently struggling with everything from your current job, relocation, marketing your business, or monetization strategy.