Let’s face it, the best training for entrepreneurship happens on the job. You can learn how to plan your sales funnels, finetune your customer acquisition journey, write brilliant copy, and design the hell out of your website, but there is very little out there that will prepare you for splitting your time between working so that you can feed your family and actually feeding your family.

My husband and I are both self-employed: me as a strategy consultant, speaker, and coach and him as a freelance videographer, producer, and editor. Our schedules are consistently inconsistent and income ebbs and flows.  We just relocated to a new city this year and are preparing to grow our family next year, which means we’re focusing on getting settled and creating a larger cushion in our bank accounts.

One of the biggest blessings about our chosen work paths is that we own our time. But owning our time also means being responsible about including each other in our schedules. Here are ways that I balance being a self-employed go-getter and a wife.


I started taking Wednesdays off

I began working for myself in 2015. My first year in business I worked around the clock, every day of the week. As a result my husband started to feel that my business was more important than him. I attributed it to the demands of starting a new business when in fact it was because my schedule was running me instead of me running my schedule. So I vowed not to schedule any meetings or calls related to My Fab Finance on Wednesday’s if I can avoid it. I use Wednesday for personal errands, work on other projects I’m interested in, and lunch dates with the husband.


Meal Prep

My husband helps with the cooking but he isn’t exactly the family chef. Meal prepping (and using the crockpot) have helped me plan our meals and ensue that he doesn’t go hungry while I’m on a twitter chat or trying to finish an article ahead of the deadline. I also tend to get straight to work in the morning without eating (please tell me I’m not the only one). Meal prepping my breakfasts with options such as overnight oats and frittatas allow me to eat and energize without missing a beat of work.  


Schedule Activities We enjoy Together

This year my husband and I spent time reflecting on our first year of marriage. We discussed what we wanted to do more of in the coming year and we realized that we love spending quality time doing things we liked. So I took the lead in scheduling activities for us to do together. I love using Groupon to find deals on local events and outings. We also created a Monday morning hiking ritual so every morning that were both in town and able we go on a hike together.


Encourage Open Communication

It’s so easy to forget to tell your spouse about an upcoming event or get consumed with your to-do list. So we communicate openly and freely about our schedules and if one person feels that the other isn’t making time for them. We call them progress reports. But we also make it a point to over communicate our appreciation for one another.


My husband and I aren’t perfect, but we’re happy and working to maintain that happiness. A supportive spouse make this entrepreneurship journey so much easier and I have found that a happy spouse is a supportive spouse.  


Has your business or goals caused problems in your relationship? How do you balance the demands of your family and your business?