A few weeks ago I asked my Facebook friends if any of them tried Hubble contacts.

Hubble Contacts Review

I’ve seen their ads pop up on my timelines and as a 20+ years contact wearer, a girl needs options until I can afford the costs and recovery time of Lasik.

A little bit of background on my struggle. I’ve had terrible vision longer than I’ve actually had unassisted 20/20 vision. I started wearing glasses in the 4th grade and began wearing contacts in the 7th grade. Like most things and practices you become accustomed to, I’m admittedly not as responsible with my contacts as I should be. I don’t sleep in them anymore, I stopped doing that when a doctor told me that it was equivalent to not changing my underwear (Ewww!) But I definitely extend my lenses beyond their suggested two weeks of wear, sometimes wearing a two week pair for a month or until they 1) become blurry 2) are consistently uncomfortable or 3) rip or tear.

Lately I’ve been dealing with dry, itchy eyes. (And before you state the obvious, yes it’s probably because I’m wearing 2 weeks contacts lenses for a month.)

Enter Hubble.

Hubble makes wearing daily contacts more accessible and affordable. The brand provides lower cost contacts by eliminating middlemen.

You subscribe to a monthly shipment of contacts by entering the lens information and prescription online. Hubble verifies that information with your eye doctor and then sends you monthly shipments for only $30 each, or $264 a year. If you’re eco-conscious you’ll love that their high quality contacts come in 100% recyclable boxes and lens packs.

I decided to give Hubble a try despite the resounding silence from my Facebook audience because at $3 for shipping and handling for a 14 day trial, it was a risk I was willing to take.

Here is my review of Hubble Contacts

The Ordering Process

It was so easy I thought I was skipping a step. Seriously.

They scored major points with me for their ease of use and user experience. You will need to know your prescription in each eye as well as the phone number and address of your optometrist so that they can verify your prescription. (Uninsured and need an eye appointment for an updated prescription? I grabbed an eye exam via Groupon)

Hubble’s lenses have a base curve of 8.6 and a diameter of 14.2. My current lenses have a diameter of 14.0 so that threw me for a curve. Also, be aware that Hubble lenses are made from methafilcon A (55% water / dk=18). Lower dk value means lower oxygen content of the lenses which could cause dry eyes.

I decided to order anyway.

They arrived a few days later in a small package and I LOVED their branding. Who ever thought contact lenses could be cute?! I’m a sucker for aesthetics. I immediately wanted to pop out my Biofinity lenses and place the Hubble contacts in because they were so cute.

Hubble Contacts Review

Hubble Contacts Review

But How Do They Feel Tonya

Like nothing.

And that’s one of the best things one could say about contacts, that they feel like nothing. I love them, the diameter difference hasn’t posed an issue (but I’m no optometrist).

I long avoided daily contact lenses because of the price, but once you go daily it’s hard to go back. I love tossing them out at the end of the day and popping in a fresh pair in the morning.

The only issue I could foresee is traveling with them for an extended period of time and I’ll likely keep my extended wear lenses for this scenario.

They are slightly more expensive than my bi-weekly lenses but factor in contact solution and cases and it levels out slightly. It is worth noting that when comparing apples to apples, Hubble lenses are also significantly less expensive than commonly prescribed daily lenses on the market.

Another great feature is how easy it is to skip your shipment for the month. If your money is funny you can log on to your account and opt to skip the month’s order without any questions or hassles.

So it’s official, once my Biofinity lenses are done I’m becoming a Hubble girl.

Click here to get your first box free.

Hubble Contacts Review