I was relatively unfamiliar with the healing powers of crystals until 2015.

During my commutes in NYC I would pass unsuspecting shops and dismissed them ”. In 2015 at a speaking engagement I met a crystal reader. I had never met this woman in my life but the prospect of a crystal reading piqued my interest, I grew curious as I was entering a new realm of my spiritual journey that opened me up to connections with God and his tolls that I had never previously considered.

She selected four cards and each of the cards represented a crystal that would heal or support an area of my life that needed attention.

While I can’t recall all four, I do recall the following three: Red Jasper, Aquamarine, Watermelon Tourmaline. As she explained the benefits of these crystals I was in awe as I had silently been struggling with the issues these crystals were said to help heal.

I purchased the crystals she had on hand and went home and began researching crystals.


Today I hold over thirty crystals in my collection, which I affectionately call my crystal garden. I love collecting crystals on my travels and also visit local shops.

Since then crystals have gone mainstream with Devi Brown partnering with Nordstrom’s to sell crystals at their stores and the New York Post recently did a feature on Wall Streeters who are embracing alternative spiritual beliefs.

Crystals I commonly use (commonly referred to as “work with”) in my day to day life are:

Amethyst – increasing wisdom, spirituality, and connection with your higher self

Pyrite – invites in abundance, wealth and prosperity

Red Jasper – grounding of the sacral chakra, womb, reproduction, women’s health

Rose Quartz – heart healing, self-love. Stimulates and facilitates bonding with friends and family, encourages romantic relationships.

Citrine- abundance and business success

Clear Quartz- amplify the effects of other crystals or amplify and carry on good energy

Here’s is how I use crystals in my daily life.


While I believe that we are predestined by God for certain experiences, I also believe that we have the ability to co-create experiences or shift the manner in which we experience our life. God gives us free-will and while I was raised to focus on free will in actions, I have learned that there is incredible power in focusing on the free will of your thoughts.

It is said-and through my experience I have found that utilizing crystals during my meditation and intention setting routines, strengthens the power of my intention. Crystals are mined from the Earth and absorb, hold and radiate energy. Crystals are incredibly powerful tools created by the Creator and in my opinion, sprinkled around this earth as breadcrumbs and a reflection of God’s magnificence.

Depending on my mediation focus for the day, I’ll hold crystals to increase the energy of my meditation. When I hold my crystals I feel closer to God’s perfect creation. They are a testament to the beauty of our creator.


As a survivor of physical abuse, I realized that I was holding trauma in my sacral chakra. I was first introduced to the healing power of crystals when a reiki practitioner placed a red jasper stone on my sacral chakra during our session to unblock energy. I had been carrying trauma in my womb.

My abusive relationship ended with an abortion and I was carrying guilt from that experience in my womb. During our session tears flowed uncontrollably as I released the pain. Since then I use crystals to heal various ailments. My waist beads feature red jasper for grounding and onyx for protection against negativity.


Charging the Environment

My husband doesn’t work with crystals but he loves the way the look. I keep crystals around my home to support the work that is done in their respective areas. For example near our workspace I keep pyrite and clear quartz to magnify the energy of abundance and productivity.

I sleep with amethyst by my bed to stimulate dreams and to connect with my higher self.

I cleanse my crystals regularly and switch them out with other crystals because they are often on display and continuously work to support our household. I also bury small crystals in plants around our home.

Crystals often receive a bad reputation and are often associated with the occult by people who want to limit God’s teaching and powers to book and man. My God is omnipotent and when paired with the right intention, I believe His creations can and should be used to support more good in our lives.

If you are interested in learning more about different types of crystals I suggest the following book.

If you are interested in getting started with crystals, this website has a great resource guide for newbies.

Happy Healing and Co-Creating.